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What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.“

Logo Lernhilfe is a well established, privately owned and founded tuition school in the area of Saxony in Germany.

In order to increase recognition and win better positions in Search Engine Results Pages, we analyzed the current website setup and on that basis developed an SEO strategy.

Logo Lernhilfe Paid Ad Google Matheangst
Logo Lernhilfe paid Ad Google Nachhilfe

The content creation and google paid ads set up were built around the most important keywords on the one side, following best practice and creating high-quality content by optimizing for the user intent on the other side.

Logo lernhilfe Paid Ads Google Mathehilfe
Logo Lernhilfe Paid Ads Google Matheass

Part of the SEO strategy included specific recommendations on how to build Backlinks. Tracking and analyzing the SEO results gave valuable insights and make it possible to keep testing and adjusting, of high importance since SEO is constanty variable and requires a long lead time.

Logo Lernhilfe Paid Ads Google Mathesorgen
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